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I have owned guitars by world famous makers, whose names I won't drop. I prefer guitars by Lucio Núñez because of his respect for tradition and courage for constructive innovation. Great projection, balance, sustain, action, character, cosmetics.....bla, bla, bla....

David Underwood playing "Naima" on his Adriana model (2003), lattice braced with spruce top

David Underwood playing "ComeAway" (John Dowland) on a seven-string lute scale guitar with spruce top (2005)

matt dunne

Lucio Núñez guitars surely must be one of the best values in concert guitars available anywhere in the world today. These instruments are ideal for serious students, seasoned professionals seeking an alternative to extremely valuable instruments for concerts, teaching, and travel, and anyone who is looking for a top quality classical guitar but does not want to spend upwards of $10,000 for a guitar. The sound, musicality, and workmanship of these guitars continually impresses me, and I have no hesitation in giving Lucio my highest recommendation. What's more, I can honestly say that I have never met a guitar builder who is more dedicated to providing his customers with a guitar that satisfies them in every way possible, or who is more dedicated to making each guitar even better than the previous one.

I have an unusual musical life in that my professional activities are about equally split between classical guitar and jazz guitar, and it took a classical guitar builder to make an archtop that I feel delivers the same intimacy and response that I've become used to in a concert guitar. Aesthetically, this guitar is truly a musician's dream guitar; no gawdy plastic binding or excessive ornamentation, just great, clean workmanship, with a very traditional, no-nonsense beauty. The sound reveals this same commitment to substance over style; it's clear, lyrical, and balanced; exactly what a jazz guitarist needs. To have achieved this level of refinement on his first carved top guitar is truly remarkable, and I predict that Lucio Nuñez archtops will soon be in great demand among jazz guitarists who are tired of playing "compromise" guitars.

Matt Dunne playing "Prelude to a Kiss" on his 2008 archtop with spruce top and maple sides and back.

thales smith

Thales Smith from Austin, Texas, playing Julio Regondi's Etude No.1 performed for the radio show "FromTheTop." Thales was the first prize winner of the 2006 GFA youth solo competition. Sound clip heard courtesy of Thales Smith and "From the Top."

terry muska

Lucio's guitars have a great combination of volume and musical sensitivity, very satisfying for the audience as well as for the performer.

michael fink

In response to my request for a 4-course Renaissance guitar, Lucio revived an old interest of his in building historically based instruments. His meticulous research and close attention to detail were remarkable. I had asked for a small instrument that would not sound “plinky” like others I had heard. Lucio responded by making my guitar deeper (more air) and thus more full-throated in sound. I love my wonderful sounding, very playable Renaissance guitar.

mike bronson

My guitar is truly magnificent! Lucio's innovative lattice bracing system combines traditional Old World craftsmanship with modern physics. What luscious sound!

pepe romero

On my last visit to Texas, I had the pleasure of playing on a Lucio Núñez guitar. I enjoyed it VERY much!