Each instrument is carefully handcrafted of fully seasoned woods for maximum strength and for freedom from warp and cracks. The instruments are assembled and finished under strictly controlled conditions. Particular attention is paid to the avoidance of built-in stress with the use of a minimum of high pressure clamping methods on the body, and with the precise hand-fitting of all the parts. Dimensions and bracing are all designed and carried out with the needs of serious players in mind. All the steps are taken to achieve the best possible tone and to bring out fine acoustical qualities such as balance, projection, and intonation.

Different bracings are available, from the traditional Spanish to the contemporary patterns.

I'm a guitar maker working alone, not a factory. My design approach is to create instruments that are as beautiful and functional as possible.


Some of my designs may be contemporary, but when it comes to woodworking, I am a traditionalist.

I judge the harmony between the guitar player and the instrument a key relationship, and my goal is to achieve a guitar that is well-matched musically and aesthetically.

The tops of most of my new guitars are made of Western Red Cedar with a lattice constructed of the same wood.

Some photos of the workshop